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Top Teen Wolf of the week:

  1. Just when you think you’ve seen it all this happens. I have an idea of why. Lydia said that her grandmother brought Meredith to the lake house and she got hurt. This is vengeance she is killing all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.
  2. I bet Claudia made them promise that they would take of each other before she went down hill. Stiles was young ten maybe when his Mom died. He would’ve taken and did take her words to heart we all know that.
  3. Parish you sweet summer child. I really hope I’m right about him being a Phoenix. But, if he isn’t I think he has proven that he can kick ass.
  4.  Derek Hale couldn’t win one fight as a wolf but now here he is beating the crap out of half of the dwindling police force. I know Kate did this to him but he’s seems to be doing better now as a human rather than a wolf.
  5. Mason! He might not know it but he saved all of them. I hope Liam tells him about all the supernatural beings. I would hate for all these secrets to ruin what looks like a great friendship. 

P.S. I want to be sad about orderly ass-hole dying but I can’t not after what he did to Stiles last season 

Top Teen Wolf of the Week. This was so hard there are so many good moments but these are my top scenes of the week.

  1. The hook four season in the making, I have seed of hope that since Braeden is so different from the other woman so I will hold out for a somewhat happy ending. I also love that Braeden is teaching Derek to defend himself.
  2. Scott. Its Scott’s biggest fear to loose control to be become a murder like Peter. I really hope that this isn’t for shadowing because as bad as Void Stiles was. Killer Scott would be so much worse.
  3. These two working together will end very badly with a bloodbath and heads torn off. Not their heads or their of course I mean even death didn’t want these too.
  4. Lydia, there is so much more to her family then what we know. If her grandmother did write the code and was a Banshee then she must have been very powerful. Lydia was probably a little kid when she died. But this woman was able to know about all these things that haven’t happen yet to people she would never meet.
  5. Stiles isn’t being funny here. This supernatural shit storm has been his life for almost two years. He has made and lost good friends, been possessed by a daemon fox but he’s still here. Kira been in the know for a few months and Liam less then that. Stiles is a soldier who has been given the job of keeping the new recruits alive in the war zone that is Beacon Hills
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