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Anonymous asked:

All of the new Olicity/Arrow footage in the S3 first look is from the first and second episode of the new season. They have only just started filming, they won't get towards midseason filming until it starts airing probably :)

This only the first two episodes

We should all be afraid.


Olicity Theory

The start of Episode 1-At the beginning of the season Oliver and Felicity start to date. At the end of the date they finally kiss on screen for the first time. This date leads to another or a relationship that is built on trust and mutual respect for each other.

The middle of Episode 1-Beginning of Episode 2 Things are going good and Oliver asks her out on a special date that will end at hotel room. On this date she asks about the island he tells her about it. Then the new villain or the bitch Argus lady, comes in to blow stuff up. Oliver tries to save Felicity but she gets hurt. 

The end of Episode 2- will be-Oliver goes into a deep depression where he see’s himself as the Arrow. The Arrow hits him and tells him he failed the city. He’ll come out of the hallucination, Felicity will be there alive saying that he didn’t fail the city. Oliver will then defeat the villain or villain and it will end with them hooking up.


Anonymous asked:

If Liam grows boobies from taking his medication, do you think Scott will feel a little challenged? As an Alpha he'll want to breast feed Liam, but if Liam grows his own Brest Milk, then he can feed without Scott...

No, I think that’s why he didn’t take the medicine his hot step-father is a doctor after all and could have warned him.

The top 5 Teen Wolf scenes of the week

  1. Chris do you hear that? That is the sound of your daughter who died for her code crying in her grave. She died the least you could do is honor that code. I’m going to pray that your infiltrating the Spanish Hunters and not throwing four seasons of Character development down the drain.
  2. Derek I like how he’s showing his emotions and being helpful not just to Scott but the Sheriff as well.
  3. People Parrish on the supernatural hit list so its time to tell him about all the were-creatures and that he is one of them. Because I would like to one day see him shirtless.
  4. Stiles is keeping it real. He knows that Liam could very well be danger to them but in true Stiles fashion he is trying to keep the situation light hearted.
  5. While Mason can not and never will replace Danny he does do something no one else has done. He got Liam to smile a real smile not that phony arrogant smile we first saw in episode three. That smile is real a in the coming episodes I think Liam will need Mason because Mason is Liam’s Stiles.   

So, sorry about the late post but here it is the top 5 scenes of the week.

  1. Scott being being an alpha to Liam. I want to see how Liam deals with being a werewolf. It could be good for him or he could turn into something bad like peter
  2. Chris is back! So, now get to see Chris, Derek, the Sheriff, and Parish all work  together to fight crime.
  3. Scott calling Stiles. That is throw back to season one when I was just Scott and Stiles against the world. They could count on each other I like that they still do.
  4. Liam’s question, Stiles said he was better not human. Is that a hint that Stiles might become something more.
  5. Lydia Martin:
  • Throws a party while a newly turned werewolf is on the loose
  • A psychotic were-coyote is in the basement.
  • Then using her Banshee powers in the middle of the party finds the keyword to a code that leads to dead pool with all her friends names on it.


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