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So everyone lived I was kinda hopping that Kate and Peter would kill each other but no one died that’s a first. So in honor of that achievement the top Scenes of the finally.

  1. Its a tie between Scott and Derek because they both had to look deep inside of themselves and came out more powerful. Scott who feared becoming a monster was able to break free. Also I think Talia would be proud of her son for being so strong this season.
  2. Coach is right Liam might have been part of the pack at first but he is now. And as a pack they will protect each other and Beacon hills. But, they need to tell Mason so he can join the pack too. He did fight a berserker.
  3. Lydia made the Bestiary into a real book for Parrish so season will be in part finally figuring out what our fav Deputy is. I will stay on the Phoenix wagon till Jeff Davis tells me other wise.
  4. Kira got her first tail! I’m so happy that mean that she might get more in the next season. My idea is that her next tail be for a transformation. How cute would Kira as a tiny two tailed fox. 
  5. Derek and Braden are still alive and together. But, I love that little bit of foreshadowing for season Five. I mean now that Peter has been committed to the funny farm Malia needs to meet her probably crazy Mommy.

P.S I would thank all of who wonderful people for liking and rebloging my post it means so  much to me. You are the best and see ya in season five

I think that since last week was a bust they made this week even better there are so many good scence this week but alas I can only post ten gifs. So it is the Top 5 Teen Wolf moments.

  1. Just when you like Peter is the worst person Kate comes along and reminds us who the top crazy is. She did kill Derek most of the Hale’s and send Peter on crazy train because I know that before it was Talia who kept him in line. Now she is turning Scott into a killer, I kinda hope Malia kills her for real this time.
  2. Mama McCall. She is right like usual but I can see where Scott gets his strong morals from. Melissa knows that they could use the money but its not theirs and she is willing to give it back. That says a lot a person. I mean would you give that money back?
  3. I know Kate did something to Derek and it might be killing him but I feel that Derek is way better off as human. He is doing so well this season he has a girl who is a badass but the good not crazy kind. His relationships’ with Scott, the Sheriff and even Chris are going so good. I really hope he doesn’t die.
  4. Liam needs to tell Mason. Mason is reaching out to him yelling for his best friend to tell what the hell is going on. I know that Liam is dealing with his fear right now. I know that a little part of him is also trying to protect Mason but sometimes you need talk to your friend about the people who want you dead.
  5. Brett. At first I thought he might just a bully but now I can see he’s really a good guy. Brett is loyal to his pack he saved that girl and he fought the hunters all for his pack. And I know he and Liam have history but now he’s treating Liam like an allie he might not like him but he does respect him. That’s a big thing for wolves a least on this show. 

P.S. I saw the glowing eyes Parrish and I will say it again. JORDAN PARRISH IS A PHONIEX.

Top Teen Wolf of the week:

  1. Just when you think you’ve seen it all this happens. I have an idea of why. Lydia said that her grandmother brought Meredith to the lake house and she got hurt. This is vengeance she is killing all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.
  2. I bet Claudia made them promise that they would take of each other before she went down hill. Stiles was young ten maybe when his Mom died. He would’ve taken and did take her words to heart we all know that.
  3. Parish you sweet summer child. I really hope I’m right about him being a Phoenix. But, if he isn’t I think he has proven that he can kick ass.
  4.  Derek Hale couldn’t win one fight as a wolf but now here he is beating the crap out of half of the dwindling police force. I know Kate did this to him but he’s seems to be doing better now as a human rather than a wolf.
  5. Mason! He might not know it but he saved all of them. I hope Liam tells him about all the supernatural beings. I would hate for all these secrets to ruin what looks like a great friendship. 

P.S. I want to be sad about orderly ass-hole dying but I can’t not after what he did to Stiles last season 

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